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mission successful.


mission successful.

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The Sphynxlair tumblr is using a picture of Finley as their icon :’*(

The Sphynxlair tumblr is using a picture of Finley as their icon :’*(

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Lamentation by (Karezoid Michal Karcz)

Lamentation by (Karezoid Michal Karcz)

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Geoffrey Gorman

"A broken bent tree branch, bleached from sun and rain, makes me think of weathered bones: fingers, legs, backbone, and hip bone. Old stained strips of cloth act like bandages and clothing, hiding and holding it all together. Sculpted wax covers the frame and joints of wood. Found and lost objects assembled into curious and evocative shapes is what excites me.

When I am making objects, I think of model airplanes made of balsa wood, then covered in thin transparent paper. Or I see decoys and shapes made to attract wild animals. I visited a museum in Alaska that had drawers filled with toys that had been put together, used and collected from previous cultures. I also think of a forest of tall, dark trees covered in moss and moisture, a silent, meditative place.”



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_berlin by (gaëtan rossier)

_berlin by (gaëtan rossier)

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